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Published September 7, 2015 by Wookie Rider

The sun hovers like a tree over a shadow
It plots, plans, polices
lingering and leering behind me
to irritate the vacant depths of solitude
Wielding its rays to prod at numbing lethargy
hindering productivity and any activity
of an entrapped entity, gilded apathy
Feelings shine through a transparent tombstone
eulogizing faith

eyes stare cloaked behind the melanin hoods
of a vessel separated from her soul
limbs hanging off the bed and palms facing the sky
meaning fades toward the illusion of the Rock above
It hurts, but
to free her is to let me go



Published August 29, 2015 by Wookie Rider

Strap on. Slip in. Slide off.
tapping feet against an electronic rhythm
of sensational cellulose and kind concrete
calibrated giggles in sync with the sway of synthetic expectation
sweat, smiles and skin
Sin smells.


Published August 10, 2015 by Wookie Rider

Don’t open your eyes

just take the lies and hide them behind

the money we can’t find. The weak and the blind

Don’t inhale

let the gale wail and shriek

unveil the mystique of what it means to breathe

Don’t eat.

know the beat of the air feeds

on the weeds of bloody trees and greed

Don’t listen.

our vision remains a possibility

in the sea and immaturity of positivity

Don’t touch.

our spirits clutch, grasp, clench, grip

but a blip on the lips of the sinking heart ship

Together or never.

Forever and clever.